Dates for your Diary – 2018


Dates on this list may be subject to change and will be updated accordingly. January Masters/Instructors Class (Halesworth Dojang) – Sunday 21st February 12hr Sponsored Jail Training Session (Halesworth Dojang) – Sunday 18th March / April Black Belt Grading (Halesworth Dojang) – Sunday 18th Halesworth Grading – Thursday 22nd Lowestoft Grading – Friday 23rd School Owners Workshop (UEA, Norwich) – Saturday 24th Bank […]

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Nak Bub – Falling Principles


In Kuk Sool Won, as with most martial arts, we train not just on how to counter-attack to defend ourselves, but also how to defend ourselves in a more rounded way; whether that be blocking an incoming strike or disarming an attacker with a weapon. One of our key defence mechanisms which may not spring […]

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21 Benefits Of Martial Arts For Children


Martial Arts Is Fun! – There’s nothing more fun for kids than getting the chance to run, jump, kick and spin around with other like-minded children. As well as martial arts sessions, schools will also hold other events like fun days, festivals and demonstrations that children can get involved so there’s always something exciting happening. […]

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Master Martin’s Seven Tips For Tournament Success


Be vocal – shout (Ki-ahp) loudly when performing – get yourself noticed and stand out from the crowd. Have an attitude to win – it’s okay to have fun and enjoy yourself, however the whole point of entering a competition is try and win a medal; develop a “winners” mindset. Develop conviction! Conviction means the […]

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Should you enter the Tournament?


With just three weeks until the WKSA European Championships, it is important that you make your mind up soon as to whether you will be entering, and In short, the answer to the question in the title of this post is YES – yes you should. I began training at Kuk Sool Won in 2005 […]

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After A Year of Instructing

Student of the Year 2016 (Lowestoft)

Following the one year anniversary of PKJN Jon handing over Lowestoft’s “Advanced Juniors” class to myself and JKN Oakley, I thought now would be a suitable time to look back and reflect on what I’ve learnt through the experience of having my own class and all the responsibility that comes with this. In April of […]

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Black Belt Workshop

Black Belt Workshop 2017

Last month we were very privileged to have ninth degree master SSKJN Sungjin Suh, the grand master’s eldest son, visiting the Lowestoft school to host a very special workshop which was open to all Lowestoft and Halesworth black belts. The event hosted a great turnout with almost forty black belts present, ranging from junior JKNs […]

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The Elements of a Low Stance


Much like anyone else who has practised Kuk Sool for any amount of time, I have noticed that good, low stances have always had significant emphasis placed upon them as an important element to Kuk Sool however for much of my Kuk Sool journey I never really understood why this was. As far as I […]

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30th Anniversary Extravaganza!

Kuk Sool Won Families Demo

On Saturday, 24th September 2016 the Kuk Sool Won schools of Lowestoft and Halesworth gathered at Waterlane Leisure Centre in order to celebrate the schools’ thirtieth anniversaries and all that the schools have achieved during this period of establishment, from hosting the first ever UK tournament and being home to many instructors whom have moved […]

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