Red Nose Day Results!

Halesworth raised £1,340 Lowestoft raised   £1,360 FINAL TOTAL AMOUNT £ 2,700 Well done to everyone who contributed – what a fantastic effort. Picture of JKN Kyle & JKN Henry from Halesworth

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Many of you within the Kuk Sool community have probably heard about the sad news concerning one of our long-standing students. 16 year-old Rory Davies sadly passed away on 12th March 2011. Rory finally lost his long battle against brain & spine cancer. You may recall KSN Rory was presented with his 2nd Degree Black […]

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Comic Relief

 Over the course of two nights (12th & 13th March), over 160 students from the Lowestoft and Halesworth Kuk Sool Won Schools, kicked and punched their way through a variety of breaking-boards to raise money for Comic Relief. All of the students who participated had to break at least one board with their bare hands […]

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  When faced with the possibility of being bullied Don’t forget, use the three P’s! PREVENT- We can prevent a fight when we are AWARE of a bully before he or she is aware of us.  PREPARE- We can prevent a fight when we learn to TALK our way out of a fight BEFORE it […]

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Red Nose Day

At Halesworth & Lowestoft Kuk Sool schools we have always been renowned for helping worthy causes and local charities. In March we our ‘aiming’ to raise money for Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) in the way of a sponsored board breaking session. The breaking session will take place during normal class time at Halesworth on […]

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Interview Conducted By Paul Codling On Master Martin Ducker For A UK Martial Art Magazine


AGE/DOB:  45 years old  15th July 1960 PLACE OF BIRTH:   Halesworth, Suffolk OCCUPATION: Full Time Kuk Sool Instructor (18 years) FAMILY:  Alison children: Rachel (19) Jason (17) YEARS TRAINING IN KS:     27 years                                   AGE BEGAN: 18 years old LOCATION OF TRAINING: Beccles, Suffolk                                         OTHER MATIRAL ARTS?  None FIRST INSTRUCTOR: KJN Philip Holmes INSTRUCTOR NOW AR: […]

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Taxi Driver Self Defence


Taxi Driver Self Defence – What would you do? Imagine that you are driving your taxicab alone in the early hours of the morning. The streets are deserted and you stop to pick up your last fare of what has been a long and busy night. Four middle-age people enter your cab, two male and […]

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Model Warrior – Featured in Combat Magazine 2004


The Martial Arts, generally conjures up images of power, masculinity and strength, while the softer feminine aspects can sometimes be overlooked. Most people would probably agree that Rachel Ducker, aged twenty, reflects the essence of femininity; being blessed with a pretty face and a very shapely figure, she looks every part a fashion icon, however […]

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Beckhams World Cup Party


The Beckhams World Cup Party Our adventure started about a week or so after the Seni Exhibition. I received a frantic phone call from PSBN Alison on the Tuesday evening asking me if I wanted to go to the Beckham’s party on Sunday at their home in Hertfordshire. Of course I didn’t believe her, I […]

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