30th Anniversary Extravaganza!

Kuk Sool Won Families Demo

On Saturday, 24th September 2016 the Kuk Sool Won schools of Lowestoft and Halesworth gathered at Waterlane Leisure Centre in order to celebrate the schools’ thirtieth anniversaries and all that the schools have achieved during this period of establishment, from hosting the first ever UK tournament and being home to many instructors whom have moved […]

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Dojang Guidelines

The Kuk Sool Won Dojang or training hall is a place which bears many rules and guidelines in order to make it easier for us to train, to improve yourselves and others as Kuk Sool Won practitioners, to allow us to show respect to the Dojang, and much more. These guidelines are as follows. Please […]

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What does Kuk Sool Won do for you? Confidence.

KSN Shay, St Mary's Demo 2015

For myself, the most prominent of things I’ve gained from my martial arts journey is my confidence. When I first began training Kuk Sool at the age of 5, I was a very introverted and shy individual; so much so that I didn’t want to even step foot on the mats! In fact it took […]

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A Parent’s Testimonial

The following testimonial came from a parent. One of my friends asked “Why do you pay so much money for your kids to do Martial arts classes?” Well I have a confession to make, I don’t pay for my kid’s martial arts. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Martial Arts. So if I am not […]

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WKSA European Tournament 2016

The WKSA European Tournament and masters exhibition will be taking place on 3rd and 4th June 2016 at the UEA Sportspark, Norwich. This tournament is a competition for all ages and grades. Students compete in their own age groups and belt level in Forms, Self Defence Techniques and Sparring with a chance to win gold, […]

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“Magic moments” in Kuk Sool

KSN Shay Double Jump Front Kick

Over the years of training Kuk Sool Won, you will be faced with many “magical moments”. Moments of realisation that you can. Moments of inspiration. Moments that stick in your head for the rest of your life. Everyone has these “moments”, but everyone’s are different and unique respectively. For myself, I have had many “moments,” […]

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WKSA Black Belt Workshops

On the 19th of March there will be a WKSA black belt workshop held in Norwich. The workshop will last 4 hours and will consist of exclusive training with the grandmaster’s sons: Master Sungjin Suh (Su Suhk Kwahn Jang Nim) and Master Alex Suh (Suhn Im Kwahn Jang Nim). Last year’s session was composed of […]

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From Jo Kyo Nim to Kyo Sa Nim

Jo Kyo Nim to Kyo Sa Nim

Last year, I promoted to the rank of second degree black belt or Kyo Sa Nim following 5 years of being a Jo Kyo Nim, two of which were spent testing for Kyo Sa Nim. What is the difference between these two ranks though? To most people, there is none. To people that have achieved […]

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Dates For Your Diary – 2016

Event Date & Time Location Black Belt Club / Instructors Course 23rd January, 2-4pm Halesworth Dojang *NEW* Masters Club (4th Dahn and above only) 28th February Halesworth Dojang Black Belt Club / Instructors Course 12th March, 2-4pm Halesworth Dojang Black Belt Workshop 19th March (Sat), 1-5pm UEA, Norwich HALESWORTH Coloured Belts Grading 31st March (Thurs) […]

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Children in Need Break-o-thon!

This year, the Lowestoft and Halesworth Kuk Sool Won schools raised money for Children in Need through a sponsored board breaking event and are proud to announce that we raised an amazing £3055 for the good cause. This was the first “break-o-thon” we’ve done since 2011 and it went extremely well with both adult students […]

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