Black Belt Workshop

Black Belt Workshop 2017

Last month we were very privileged to have ninth degree master SSKJN Sungjin Suh, the grand master’s eldest son, visiting the Lowestoft school to host a very special workshop which was open to all Lowestoft and Halesworth black belts. The event hosted a great turnout with almost forty black belts present, ranging from junior JKNs […]

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WKSA Black Belt Workshops

On the 19th of March there will be a WKSA black belt workshop held in Norwich. The workshop will last 4 hours and will consist of exclusive training with the grandmaster’s sons: Master Sungjin Suh (Su Suhk Kwahn Jang Nim) and Master Alex Suh (Suhn Im Kwahn Jang Nim). Last year’s session was composed of […]

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