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About our School

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Our expert Martial Arts Instructors pride themselves in having an in-depth knowledge within the Kuk Sool Won™ subject matter, with many years experience, along with the ability to develop a personal and constructive relationship with each and every student.

Our goal is to make our students not only feel confident and successful within Martial Arts but also within their lives. We encourage individuals to take a positive approach to life becoming respected members of our society, through our Kuk Sool Won™ Martial Arts training programmes.

We have a variety of different training plans to offer you, which is explained in our programme section. In the meantime take full advantage of our introductory two FREE sessions. Many people assume that you need to be in perfect shape to train in Martial Arts. Our beginners programme is a great way to start! We can help improve your fitness, strength, flexibility and exercise endurance.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on 07908 786278 or fill out our online enquiry form.

What are the Benefits?

Kuk Sool Won™ has many benefits available to you.

The first is that you will be learning and practicing the official Kuk Sool Won syllabus, which is second to none and have access to WKSA Tournaments and Seminars.

Our students have the opportunity to be part of a growing innovative Martial Art that although Traditional, keeps up with the modern advancements of communication and organisation.

You can also learn…


    Kuk Sool Won™ will teach you to think rather than panic in potentially dangerous situations. It will give you the confidence to walk away from conflict or to never let the situation develop in the first place.


    At Kuk Sool, we help you to set goals and to stay with them. You will learn to draw upon your own inner strength to succeed. Kuk Sool lessons are dynamic and challenging and offer something for everyone. Therefore, if you are athletic or awkward, shy or outgoing, energetic or simply out of shape Kuk Sool Won™ will be great for you


    Kuk Sool Won™ helps you to develop your self-confidence by helping you to reach your goals as you develop your Martial Arts skills!

Health and Nutrition

The amount of overweight adults and children has risen significantly, becoming a worldwide problem. Many people do not want to be over weight but just don’t know what to do about it. Included in our martial art training programme we offer our students some fundamental guidance concerning Heath and nutrition.


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The History

The Traditional Korean Martial Art of Kuk Sool Won™ was founded by Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh in 1958 when it was first established in Korea.

His organization now boasts 1.3 million members with over 800 schools worldwide in 27 different countries.

Kuk Sool Won™ encompasses over 50 different Korean styles taken from three primary cultural sub-groups,

* Family Martial Arts * Buddhist Temple Martial Arts * Royal Court Martial Arts

The Martial Art offers a perspective and curriculum of martial arts that is not available anywhere else. It is also recognised in the martial arts community as one of the most effective and comprehensive systems of traditional Korean martial arts in existence today.



We have a range of programmes customised to the individual and don’t forget for complete beginners, your first two sessions are FREE! Please see our class times for more information.

Tiny Dragons (4-6 years)

“AWARD WINNING” Children’s Programme (7-13 years)

Adult Training Programme (13+)


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Please feel free to contact us for a FREE lesson on: 07908 786278